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Adad Hannah: Online Artist Talk

Watch an online artist talk with Adad Hannah who has created new artwork featured in Guernica Remastered, Remai Modern’s newest exhibition. This exhibition positions Picasso’s Guernica (1937) as a model for activist, political art, featuring the work of several contemporary artists who have emulated the painting’s composition while speaking to a variety of present-day concerns. The exhibition is guest curated by Dr. Alma Mikulinsky. 

Adad Hannah works in installation, video and photography. Inspired by the history of art and the practice of tableaux vivants (“living pictures”), Hannah explores the durational form of moving images and the meanings behind pictures. In addition to providing an introduction to his practice, Hannah describes how (and why) he worked with a small group of art students from the University of Saskatchewan to build a large, three-dimensional interpretation of Guernica from everyday objects.​