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Presenting Michael Snow

Michael Snow (born Toronto, 1928) is a major figure in the fields of painting, sculpture, cinema, video and music. A prolific multidisciplinary artist, Snow is best known in Canada for his trademark series Walking Woman, which he began in 1961. Snow found international attention with his groundbreaking film Wavelength, (1966–67). His work explores the nature of perception, consciousness, language and temporality. Remai Modern presents three of his critically acclaimed video works from the 2000s.

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Remai Modern

September 3 to October 14: Solar Breath (Northern Caryatids), 2002 Video, colour, sound, 62 min As a window curtain gently flaps in the breeze, the view outside is periodically revealed. The composition at any given moment is determined in part by nature and in part by chance.

October 15 to November 24: SSHTOORRTY, 2005 Video, colour, sound, 3 min Layers of text, sound and image in this narrative video reveal new messages with each viewing. Meaning and memory are questioned in the film, making the viewer wonder if each viewing could in fact be different.

November 26 to January 4: Condensation, A Cove Story, 2009 Video, colour, no sound, 10:28 minutes A camera records, seemingly without an operator, transmitting the spontaneous conversation it has with the Maritime landscape through a series of images.