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All Aboard: Everyone an Artist

All Aboard: Everyone an Artist is a celebration of the universal capacity to make art and the creative energy that is generated when communities come together.

The starting point of this exhibition is the longstanding and in-depth program Art for Life, which imbeds artists on staff at Remai Modern in community schools. The artworks created by these students form the centrepiece of this exhibition.

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With this project, we also invite visitors of all ages to create a work of art and share as part of this collective expression. All Aboard presents an opportunity for all of us to get inspired by the ingenuity and vision of young people in our community, to tell a story, and to add to this growing testament to the power of art and the artist in everyone.

Remai Modern would like to acknowledge the support of Braid Flooring for this exhibition. Special thanks to the Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation who supports Art for Life at Charles Red Hawk School.

Remai AllAboard opening preview 13
Students with work featured in All Aboard: Everyone an Artist all started with a blank birch canvas but created a wide variety of different results. Photo: Carey Shaw

About Art for Life

All Aboard: Everyone an Artist features artwork from three Saskatoon schools in the Art for Life program at Remai Modern: Westmount and Charles Red Hawk Elementary Schools and Oskāyak High School.  Students were asked to tell stories through their art using a variety of materials, from ink on paper to working directly on hide.  Each student started with a blank birch board. The varied results exemplify countless different approaches and ideas, placing the focus on process rather than product.

The Art for Life program, first established in 1998, is a multi-year program that supports and augments art programming in schools. Selected upon the basis of need, Art for Life schools work with a Remai Modern Program Guide who delivers curriculum-focused art workshops throughout the school year.


“Artmaking creates a pause in the day for students, moments of respite when everything else melts away, and transports students from daily life to imaginative space of discovery, exploration and learning.”

Robin Adair, Program Guide 

The reach of the program extends beyond art, with the markers of success found not in the works themselves, but rather in what was accomplished through the creative process. The ultimate goal of the program is to foster a sense of pride, accomplishment, inspiration in learning, and a sense of connection in the participants.

Remai AllAboard opening preview 21
Students who created work for All Aboard: Everyone an Artist were invited to use the style and materials of their choice. Photo: Carey Shaw

Curatorial team

All Aboard: Everyone an Artist is coordinated by Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh, Co-Executive Director and CEOs; Bevin Bradley, Assistant Curator; Kelly Van Damme, Head of Learning & Engagement; Wendy Paterson, Learning Program Coordinator;  Kas Rea, Community Programs Assistant; Carol Wylie, Public Program Coordinator; and Pam Nimegeers, Design Coordinator; with in-school programming by Indigenous Program Guides Kelly Tolley, Aurora Wolf, Kammy Alexson, and Program Guides Robin Adair and Laurel Boerma,  with support from Chad Redl, Exhibitions and Collections Supervisor; Troy Mamer, Technical Coordinator; and installation team: Paul Atkins, Caleb Dueck, Ian Forbes, Devon Hanofski, Jason Hosaluk, Spencer Martin, Cameron McKay, Darren McQuay, Ian Rawlinson.  Special thanks to Crystal Bueckert, Principal Designer & Owner at BLDG Studio Inc., exhibition designer of this project, and the school administration staff and teachers who allowed time in their busy teaching schedule for artmaking.