They Made A Day

They Made A Day Be A Day Here

September 27, 2013 to January 5, 2014

They made a day be a day here.
They made a day be a day here.
They made a day be a day here by
a year by a year yearly they made a
day be a day here by the year.
Gertrude Stein, How to Write, 1931

Between 2007 and 2011, I travelled across the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba searching for and writing about contemporary art. My travels were not linear, as if drawing a line from left to right or right to left across the middle of Canada. If my travels were to be traced, they would be lines jutting and dotting from one direction to another, looping and curling with no apparent logic. This is how I wandered, with no apparent logic, as a density of this kind holds no logic. I wandered across the flatness until, — to my astonishment —the flatness only got flatter.

They say writing must begin somewhere before it ends. My writing began long before my travelling started, but together they formed a sense of identity from this place. Right now, my writing continues as my travels across the flatness slow down, and it is in the gap between these two understandings that this exhibition arises.

I lived across these provinces, this place commonly referred to as “the Prairies.” I will always be informed by this time: not just informed by learned facts and tricks like how to properly put out a fire (by stirring as well as dousing) or drive against the big red sun (with faith), but informed in my perceptual foundations from how I see to how I walk.

I have always believed that you can never truly know a place until you walk it. Each step taken is an interaction between a place and your senses, but this is only half the story. My looping, jutting travelling brought me into hundreds of homes, studios, and exhibition spaces. I have had the pleasure of countless and assorted conversations, coffees and teas, and crackers with cubed cheese. We were all isolated geographically and perhaps politically, but we each held a space, and together we made a place.

The place was here, not there, and I was finally starting to understand how they made a day be a day here…
Amy Fung, Guest Curator