Rodney LaTourelle

June 14 to September 15, 2013

Rodney LaTourelle is a Canadian artist and writer based in Berlin. His large-scale colour installations, public artworks and architectural interventions explore the interplay of colour and physical space in an immersive viewing experience.

Commissioned by the Mendel Art Gallery, Leaves is an installation of multicoloured geometric structures that perform double duty: the sculptural work also functions as a place for guests to sit and read.

Like a book or magazine, the structure is folded and reflexive; it extends the artist’s ongoing investigation into how people read or interpret colour. LaTourelle considers how the formal language of abstraction connects with written and social language. Visitors will have their own experiences as they interact with the work — sitting, reading, resting, or chatting with friends.

LaTourelle is originally from Winnipeg, where he studied environmental design at the University of Manitoba. His practice draws simultaneously from the fields of art and architecture, and he has exhibited at major galleries in Canada and abroad. Several institutions, including the National Gallery of Canada, have collected LaTourelle’s work.