Visitor Survey – About the Website

The Mendel is interested in your opinions about the William Perehudoff restrospective. Your answers will help us assess our goals for this exhibition.

The first three questions are optional. We’re collecting information to help us to reach our goals around the content of the exhibition. Thanks so much for taking the survey!



In what town or city do you live?

Why did you come to this web site? What did you expect to do/see/learn?

How were your expectations about this website met or not met?

Did you visit this website prior to seeing the exhibition?

If yes, how did it prepare you for your visit?  In retrospect, what else would you have liked to see on this site prior to your visit?

Are you visiting this website as a follow up to seeing the exhibition?

Do you plan on visiting the exhibition at the Mendel or in another gallery while it is touring? Why or why not?

Has interacting with this site encouraged you to see the exhibition in person?