This project has been made possible in part through a contribution from the Museums Assistance Program, Department of Canadian Heritage.

The Mendel Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the funding support of the City of Saskatoon, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, The Canada Council for the Arts, and Saskatchewan Lotteries.

Karen Wilkin’s Acknowledgements
I am grateful to Vincent Varga for giving me the opportunity to pay tribute to an artist whose work I have long admired and from whom I have learned a great deal. Special thanks to Dan Ring, Troy Mamer, and all the Mendel Art Gallery staff for their invaluable part in making this project a reality. Catherine Perehudoff Fowler’s and Robert Christie’s collaboration and assistance were crucial; without them this exhibition could not have been organized. I feel fortunate to have known the Perehudoff family – Rebecca Perehudoff Minton, Catherine Perehudoff Fowler, and Carol Perehudoff – since the start of my professional life. But most of all, my heartfelt thanks to Dorothy Knowles and William Perehudoff; their art and their friendship have enriched my life.

Roald Nasgaard’s Acknowledgements
I would like to thank the following individuals, who in their respective ways contributed significantly to his realizing of this project: Robert Christie, Ted Fraser, Ian Hodkinson, Dorothy Knowles, Catherine Perehudoff, Donald Quinney, Dan Ring, and Judith Whitehead.

Artist’s Acknowledgements
On behalf of William Perehudoff, his family would like to thank the many people who contributed time and effort towards the creation of this book and exhibition: Jen Budney, Elizabeth Cheveldayoff, Robert Christie, Eve Kotyk, Roald Nasgaard, Dan Ring, Donald Roach, Vince Varga, Karen Wilkin, the staff at Art Placement, and all those who generously lent their paintings. We would also like to thank the City of Saskatoon, Dave Denny, Lynn Earle, Ian Hodkinson and his assistants, Maple Leaf Consumer Foods Ltd., the Mendel family, the Morgan family, Sandy Easterbrook, Vince Varga and the Mendel Staff, and the University of Saskatchewan for their support for and the preservation of the cafeteria and reception room murals.