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Please use this form if you are booking a tour for your school (Saskatoon, rural, public, separate, private) as part of our School Hands-On Tours. For social groups, families, birthday parties, businesses, organizations, and other special interest groups, please click here to use our Book a Tour: Special Interest Groups form.

Please note that bookings are processed on an ongoing basis, and that this form does not confirm a tour. Confirmation will be sent within 7 days by fax. If you've booked a tour and have not received a confirmation email, please contact Kelly Van Damme at or call 975-8031.

While we prefer you to book online, you can also book a tour by printing and completing our downloadable PDF School Hands-On Tour booking form, and faxing it to (306) 975-7670.

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Your Tour

1/2 hour (guided tour with no hands-on activities) High Schools Only :: $30.00

1 hour (guided tour without hands-on activities) :: $40.00

1.5 hours (interactive program with hands-on activities) for all grades :: $60.00

2 hours (enhanced program with hands-on activities) Grade 6 and up only :: $75.00

2 hours (sustained hands-on activities in your choice of media; no tour) :: $110.00 and up

Art Immersion (Teacher consultation + half day at Mendel + one classroom session) :: $120.00

Art Workshops (sustained artmaking workshop in classroom or at gallery):: $110

Immersion Enhanced (Consultations + full day at Mendel + two classroom sessions) :: $230.00

For Immersion and Art Workshop programs, indicate your interests in the box below.

Art Core (All Grades)

Shape (Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 1)

Colour (Grades 2 through 5)

Viewing and Representing: Connecting Visual and Language Arts (Grades 1 through 6)

ArtHealthy (All Grades)

Your Choice of theme

Use the box below to give us notes about themes.

Once your registration is confirmed, we will send you specific information about the exhibitions on view during your tour.

For more information on program content, call Laura Kinzel, Gallery Programmer, at (306) 975-8052.

Once your registration is confirmed, we will send you specific information about the exhibitions on view during your tour.

Tour Dates

Please provide us with up to four dates (including day of the week) that you could visit the Mendel. Indicate the starting time you would prefer. When booking two groups for the same day, please submit this form twice, listing each teacher. Note that once confirmed, start and end times are firm.

We are available for tour bookings from 9am-9pm daily. Please ensure that there is sufficient time to complete your tour before we close at 9pm. For example, all 2-hour tours must start by 7pm.

When entering dates, please use the format Day, Month Date, Year (Tuesday, July 29, 2008). When entering times, please use the 12-hour clock and indicate am or pm (9:15am, 3:00pm; 12:00pm for noon).

Special Needs and Requests

If you need to reschedule a tour, are double booking with another teacher, would like your tour to have a specific focus, would like a tour in French, or have any other special needs or requests, please enter them below.

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