Visitor Survey – About the Exhibtion

Visitor Survey – About the Exhibtion

The Mendel is interested in your opinions about the exhibition of art by James Henderson. Your answers will help us assess our goals for this exhibition. Thanks so much! The first three questions are optional. We’re collecting information to help us to reach our goals around the content of the exhibition.



In what town or city do you live?

Rate the following questions on a scale of 1 (poor) – 5 (great).

How enjoyable is the James Henderson exhibition as a whole?

How informative is the James Henderson exhibition?

Generally speaking, how useful did you find the technology (website, computer kiosk, video stations, SMARTBoard, iPod tour)?

How enjoyable did you find the technology?

Would you like the Mendel to use similar technology in future exhibitions?

Do you think the story of James Henderson is told well?

Do you think the story of the interconnectedness of Henderson’s subject matter with Indigenous people in the exhibition is told well?

Were the following messages communicated through the exhibition?

There is a richness to shared histories.

Every story can have multiple voices and multiple narratives.

It is important to collect and study the work of James Henderson because of his position in Saskatchewan and Canadian history.

What did you learn that you did not know before?
What did you like the most about the exhibition as a whole?
What did you like the least about the exhibition as a whole?
Additional comments:

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