School Programs

The Mendel Art Gallery is pleased to provide an education package that is designed to supplement a tour of this exhibition. DOWNLOAD the Educator’s Guide here (10MB pdf format)

How to Use this Guide
•  The activities fit into multiple curricula: social studies, language arts, history, media studies, visual art, and native studies. Flip to the section that fits your curriculum needs.
•  Each activity is ready-to-use. Do as many as you like, whatever you have time for.
•  Each activity is relevant to tour content and can be adapted for most age groups.
•  This guide serves as a general introduction to related themes, from learning the basics of making landscapes and portraits to exploring issues around Henderson’s practice. Subjects will be covered in greater depth during the tour.

About Exhibition Tours
•  It is recommended that you preview the exhibition to best prepare your students.
•  The Program Guide, assigned to work with your group, will call you a week prior to your visit to discuss details. The Mendel strives to tailor the content to meet the needs of individual groups and welcome your ideas.

Age appropriately, touring groups will explore:
•  the significance of Henderson as an historical figure in Saskatchewan
•  how artists choose their subject matter
•  how an image can evoke multiple memories and associations that vary with each viewer
•  landscape and portraiture as art forms
•  the importance of land to identity
•  the role that artists play in reflecting individual and community identities
•  the interaction of settlers with Indigenous peoples
•  the importance of oral histories to understanding our world