Exhibition Team

Exhibition Team

Exhibition Curated by:
Dan Ring, Chief Curator, Mendel Art Gallery
Dan Ring is well known for curating exhibitions that examine the relationship between art production and place. He has coordinated the exhibition and completed significant new research that chronicles and analyses Henderson’s work, and places it in a historical context.

Dr. Neal McLeod
Neal McLeod is a visual artist, writer, humorist, and educator who was raised on the James Smith Cree First Nation in northeastern Saskatchewan. He discusses Henderson’s paintings as mnemonic icons for Aboriginal people today. His field work with Aboriginal people in and around the Qu’Appelle Valley has been instrumental in identifying the subjects of Henderson’s Aboriginal portraits.

Jim Lanigan
Linda Many Guns
Brigid Ward
David Miller
Robert Phillips
Sherry Farrell Racette
Adrian Stimson

Without the contributions of the following people, the presentation of Indigenous oral history would not have been possible: Linda Many Guns, Susan McArthur, Ken Goodwill, Noel Starblanket, Wes Fineday, Max Fineday, Beverly Hungry Wolfe, Cecil Crowfoot, Charlie Bigknife, Larry Oakes, Mike Pinay, Hugh Dempsey, Pauline Dempsey, Sherry Farrell-Racette, Glen Gordon, Delbert Pasqua, Agnes Cyr, Clayton Cyr, the kêhtê-ayak from Pasqua First Nation, Stan Cuthand, Connie Grey-Bellegarde, Tanya Harnett, the late Beatrice Lavallee, Natasha Beeds, Wavell Starr, Sandy McArthur, Ken Stowell, Donald McArthur, Hazel McArthur, Horace Bull Bear, Cory Generoux, David Miller, Merelda Fiddler, Alison Brown, Preston LeCaine, Thomas Roussin, Adrian Stimson, Sheila Stevenson, and Annette Cyr.

Video Production:
Matt Eakin
Cory Generoux
Troy Mamer
Wavell Star

Technical Assistance:
Neural Net

Text Editor:
Morna Greuel

Web Design:
Troy Gronsdahl

Mendel Art Gallery Staff

Vincent J. Varga, Executive Director & CEO
Howard Janzen, Manager of Finance & Operations
Judy Koutecky, Administrative Assistant/Manager of Volunteer Resources
Heather Reid, Assistant to Manager of Finance & Operations

Dan Ring, Chief Curator
Jen Budney, Associate Curator
Troy Mamer, Curatorial Assistant

Public and Professional Programs 
Laura Kinzel, Program Coordinator
Troy Gronsdahl, Public Programs Assistant
Program Assistants & Guides:
Adrienne Collins Bretell
Darren McQuay
Wendy Paterson
Kelly Van Damme
Carol Wylie
Ed Pas, Communications Coordinator
Lindsey Rewuski, Communications Assistant
Marlee Slaney, Information & Programs Clerk

Eve Kotyk, Collections Manager
Perry Opheim, Preparator
Ray Lodoen, Preparator
Clint Neufeld, Preparator
Jason Hosaluk, Preparator
Dave Duchscher, Museum Technician

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Sue Williams, Manager of Resource Development
Kristina Rauw, Development Assistant

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Medoria Olynyk, Sales/Reception Clerk
Laura Baldwin, Sales/Reception Clerk