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Story Bundles:
Introduction to Métis Storytelling

Story Bundles is a series of six events held in conjunction with the exhibition Storied Objects: Métis Art in Relation. Produced by The Crossing Theatre Company, this series highlights the various ways Metis stories are shared. Participate and learn with Metis community members through visiting, humour, singing, dancing, fiddle music and sharing food. Each Story Bundle event will be accompanied by Métis fiddle player Tristen Durocher to showcase the storytelling nature of fiddle music.

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The first event is an introduction to Métis storytelling: a conversation with author Maria Campbell and historian Cheryl Troupe about the importance of storytelling in Métis tradition and how stories and knowledge are passed on. Audie Murray will conclude the gathering with a performance titled holding our hands, which incorporates her great-great-grandmother’s beaded gloves.


Maria Campbell 

Maria Campbell is an oral storyteller and writer who has published eight books. Her first book Halfbreed was recently republished and include the pages which were pulled in the first edition. Maria is the artistic director and co-founder of the Crossing Theatre Company.

Cheryl Troupe

Cheryl Troupe is a Metis historian whose work focuses on twentieth century Métis road allowance communities in Western Canada, examining and mapping how Metis stories are connected to place. She is a co-founder of the Crossing Theatre Company which is set up to host various cultural activities and share cultural and historic stories. Cheryl is a member of the Métis Nation – Saskatchewan, Gabriel Dumont Local #11.

Audie Murray

Audie Murray is a relative, dreamer, skin-stitcher and Michif visual artist based in Oskana kâ-asastêki (Regina, Saskatchewan; Treaty 4 territory). Her practice is informed by the process of making and visiting to explore themes of contemporary culture, embodied experiences and lived dualities. These modes of working assist with the recentering of our collective connection to the body, ancestral knowledge systems, space and time.

Tristen Durocher

Tristen Durocher is a 26-year-old Metis fiddler from Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. After picking up the fiddle at the age of 9, he began attending the John Arcand Fiddle Fest in Saskatoon, learning from fiddle teachers from across Canada. Writing, reading, photography, and teaching are his central passions. Durocher has taught fiddle in Leaf Rapids, Brochet, Lynn Lake, South Indian Lake and Gilliam as an instructor for the Frontier Fiddle Program in Northern Manitoba. He now lives in Saskatoon as he pursues a teaching degree.

About the Talk

 Hosted in the Collections Gallery, this event is free to attend with museum admission or membership.

October 15, 2022 at 1:00PM 2:00PM