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My Worst Enemy, Mehran Tamadon

As an experiment, Mehran Tamadon asks exiled Iranians to interrogate him as if they were an agent of the Islamic Republic. A renowned actor with first-hand knowledge of such mistreatment takes up the challenge. The violent experience of putting themselves in the torturer’s head confronts them with their own limits and the ambivalence of the project itself.

My Worst Enemy
Directed by Mehran Tamadon
2023, France, 82 minutes, not rated

Presented in Farsi with English subtitles.

This screening of My Worst Enemy will also open with the short film Ever Since, I Have Been Flying by director Aylin Gökmen.

Ever Since, I Have Been Flying
Directed by Aylin Gökmen
2023, Switzerland, 18 minutes, not rated

This community screening with the Diaspora Film Festival is free and open to the public.

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SaskTel Theatre

Remai Modern is pleased to partner with Paivand to present the Saskatoon iteration of the Diaspora Film Festival (DFF), founded in Toronto by Shahram Tabe.

The Diaspora Film Festival (DFF) provides audiences with an opportunity to experience the cultural mosaic of the present world through the medium of cinema. Diaspora refers to the dispersion and migration of a people from their homeland and the communities they form in new lands. The DFF explores themes of migration, immigration, and cultural diversity by showcasing works of both established and emerging filmmakers. The festival pays special attention to independent Canadian filmmakers from ethnic minorities.

DFF-Saskatoon will have its opening screening at 7 PM on Friday November 3, followed by three screenings on Saturday November 4.

About Paivand

The selected films for this festival have been programmed and organized by Paivand and curator Shahram Tabe.

Paivand is a non-profit organization whose formation was inspired by the “Women, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran. With a sharp focus on promotion of inter-cultural dialogue, its mission is to bring people from diverse backgrounds together. Its primary aim is to foster dialogue and elevate understanding and mutual respect among all cultures, with a special emphasis on human rights in the Middle East and Central Asia. Paivand believes that cultural diversity is a source of strength and richness for our societies. It has been organizing events and activities that encourage people to share, interact and learn from each other, striving to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

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November 4, 2023 at 4:00PM

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