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(SOLD OUT) Chine Collé Printmaking Workshop

This workshop is sold out! Thank you for your support. Check out other ticketed events and workshops here.

This workshop, which includes tips from Jillian Ross Production Studio and collaborator printer Rowan Pantel, aims to simplify chine collé. Participants will gain an understanding of how to glue thin paper onto a heavier backing paper, how to colour these papers in different ways and how to use cutout shapes for extra fine details whilst maintaining exact registration. Using a dry glue method instead of wet, you will learn techniques that will give you more control whilst editioning that are easy to repeat. This workshop will showcase intaglio printing but these methods can be incorporated into all types of printmaking techniques.  

During the workshop, participants will be surrounded by recently completed prints from the exhibition Live Editions. These prints have incorporated chine collé into their makeup, allowing workshop participants to see first-hand how these techniques are incorporated into finished artworks.   

Maximum capacity 12 registrants. Some printmaking experience required. All materials provided.

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Connect Gallery

May 30 at 6:30PM 8:30PM

Chine collé (to glue thin paper) is a technique where an image is transferred to a lightweight paper, which is then glued to a heavier backing paper during printing. This allows artists to print on delicate papers, such as Japanese Washi, which pull finer details off the plate. Chine collé can also be used to create a background colour in an image or to introduce intricately cut paper to etchings, lithographs, or relief prints.

About the Artists

Jillian Ross

Jillian Ross is a collaborative master printer based in Saskatoon, Canada. Ross began working at the David Krut Workshop (Johannesburg, South Africa) in 2003 where she became one of William Kentridge’s primary print collaborators, completing some of Kentridge’s most ambitious print projects including: The Universal Archive, the Triumphs and Laments woodcut series, and most recently the Studio Life photogravures.

Rowan Pantel

Rowan Pantel is a Visual Artist, Puppeteer, and Designer. She holds a Master of Fine Arts in Intermedia from the University of Regina, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking from the University of Saskatchewan. Over the last year, Rowan has worked with Jillian Ross Print Studio to learn more about the production printmaking processes through the CARFAC SK mentorship program.