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August 16, 2023 at 11:00AM 4:00PM

Canoe 2.0 (Presented by TD) 

Building a canoe is an art form that links families and communities together. It reinforces our commitment to reconciliation and reminds us of our responsibilities to live in harmony and peace amongst all living things.

The canoe represents a shared experience that both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people can relate to. The birchbark canoe continues to be a link to cultural strength, offering an opportunity to bring people together in shared appreciation. 

Every Wednesday-Sunday from August 16-September 10, visitors are invited to watch and participate in the building of a birchbark canoe at Remai Modern. This project is led by Pinock Smith, an Algonquin canoe maker from Kitigan Zibi, Québec. Participants will work with Smith through a traditional knowledge transfer to create a finished birchbark canoe.  

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Learn more about the Canoe project and its history at Remai Modern:

Canoe 2.0 is presented by TD Bank Group. 

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