David Thauberger - Dance Hall (detail), 1980, acrylic. Collection of the Mendel Art Gallery.

David Thauberger: Road Trips and Other Diversions

Regina-based David Thauberger is a nationally known painter, printmaker and ceramist whose practice is characterized by his firm conviction that the local is as important as the global. Drawing on public and private collections across Canada, the major nationally touring exhibition presents a dynamic installation examining key themes and working processes, developed throughout Thauberger’s more than 40 years as a maker and thinker.

David Thauberger understands that representing place requires both an insider’s and outsider’s point of view, and a continually scanning vision that moves between the two. Combining a keen eye for popular and prairie idioms with an encyclopedic knowledge of twentieth century art, he demonstrates through his work that Regionalism and Modernism need not be opposed. He is known for his particular approach to painting vernacular architecture, such as legion halls, false-front businesses, churches and houses, as if they were portraits. Indeed, postcards are another influential source of imagery in Thauberger’s oeuvre and his work creates icons of places in much the same way that postcards of tourist destinations do.

In ceramics, patterned watercolours, flocked prints, and taped and stenciled paintings, Thauberger has played the line between industrial and handmade techniques. His work demonstrates an oscillation between his formal training and a rejection of the formal limitations of a fine art approach (e.g., his use of everyday craft materials such as glitter and letraset on acrylic). Pivotal objects from Thauberger’s own collection, ranging from Chicago Imagism to New York Pop art, from Saskatchewan folk painting to commercial kitsch, are included as contextual source material and as a demonstration of his creative thought processes and complex understanding of the workings of taste.

The Thauberger retrospective coincides with the rise of Saskatchewan as a resource-rich, economic driver in Canada, providing access to our rich cultural resources at a moment when Saskatchewan is reevaluating and redefining itself.

The Mendel Art Gallery and MacKenzie Art Gallery have collaborated in the organization of a nationally touring retrospective of David Thauberger’s career, accompanied by a documentary film, publication, website, and related programming. This exhibition is still available for bookings from 2014 through to 2016. A minimum 250 running feet is required, up to 400 running feet. For more information contact: Sandra Fraser, Associate Curator, Extension Coordinator,  (306) 975-8057, sfraser@mendel.ca

David Thauberger: Road Trips & Other Diversions
June 27 to September 21, 2014

Art Gallery of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario