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Darrell Bell

Darrell Bell supports Remai Modern for so many reasons. First, he is a proud Prairie artist, born in Wynyard and educated at the University of Saskatchewan. He has been exhibiting his evocative landscape paintings since the early 1980s.

While a student, Bell was a museum trainee at the Mendel Art Gallery. “I’ve seen first-hand the limitations of the current gallery, and I’m astonished it functions as well as it does,” he says. “Visitors don’t realize how many people work there, and what they do.”

Public museums can challenge, delight, and inspire, Bell says. “They are visual libraries, full of ideas and learning opportunities.”

Bell’s commercial enterprise, the Darrell Bell Gallery, showcases his work and that of some 30 other artists and craftspeople. He knows that a rising tide lifts all boats; that River Landing, anchored by Remai Modern, will benefit artists, business people, and everyone else in the community.

Soon after his recent appointment to the Museum’s Board of Trustees, Bell donated $100,000 to help build Remai Modern. His gift will support the Board’s initiative to name the new facility’s boardroom after the late Dr. Art Knight, a previous President & Chair.

“I decided I needed to make this happen,” Bell says. “Supporting Remai Modern is perfect for me. I’ll never get to do anything like this again, that is so connected to my life.”