Jason Baerg, Nomadic Bounce, 2012, installation detail, acrylic on wood.

Jason Baerg: Returning

This dynamic, multi-media exhibition features two recent works created by Jason Baerg, a Métis artist based in Toronto. The work in this exhibition includes a series of circular paintings from the Relations series, which draw on Baerg’s early training in abstraction combined with computer-generated elements. Also included is a new installation of figurative-abstract paintings, entitled Nomadic Bounce. Both works are presented alongside videos comprised of photo- and computer-based imagery, thus continuing Baerg’s commitment to new and traditional modes of art production and engagement.

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David Thauberger - Dance Hall (detail), 1980, acrylic. Collection of the Mendel Art Gallery.

David Thauberger: Road Trips and Other Diversions

Regina-based David Thauberger is a nationally known painter, printmaker and ceramist whose practice is characterized by his firm conviction that the local is as important as the global. Drawing on public and private collections across Canada, the major nationally touring exhibition presents a dynamic installation examining key themes and working processes, developed throughout Thauberger’s more than 40 years as a maker and thinker.

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