Border Crossings Study Centre

January 17 to March 22, 2015
Opens: Friday, January 16 at 7 p.m.

Border Crossings magazine is one of the key platforms for the investigation of contemporary Canadian and international art and culture. Founded in 1977 by Robert Enright, this quarterly magazine is published in Winnipeg, and is responsible for bringing international attention to art production on the Prairies.

The Border Crossings Study Centre (BCSC) was developed by the magazine as a unique, mobile archive of the magazine’s 32-year publishing history, and includes copies of each of the magazines to date. It is housed in a portable hybrid storage/reading unit designed by architects Neil Minuk (DIN), and Karen Shanski and Eduardo Aquino (spmb). The archive is made up of the magazines themselves and, where issues were no longer available, handmade facsimiles were produced by Canadian photographer Elaine Stocki. It provides a welcoming social space for readers to look at individual issues, refer to the extensive Index, and talk about the material in the 127 issues of the magazine.

While the BCSC is an archive of Border Crossings’ publishing history, and therefore of the contemporary art it covered, it is also an instigator for discussion impelled by the topics and the artists it has addressed. The stools and the table around which they cluster are draws for inquiry, conversation and exchange as visitors connect through a shared understanding of the diversity of material the magazine has covered in the course of its history.

With the retrospective nature of an archive, the BCSC brings past art production into the present and speaks to the persistence of print and the way in which it continues to be accessible, malleable and endlessly recombinant. Reading and visual connections are enriched by the possibilities of the associations readers make in their own findings.

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