"Digital, LED Wheat, supported on a growing mechanical field ".  Photo by Cory Schewaga

Artists by Artists: Bruce Montcombroux and Cory Schewaga: Galicia

September 27, 2013 to January 5, 2014
Artists by Artists Mentorship Program
Bruce Montcombroux and Cory Schewaga: Galicia

Galicia is a synthetic wheat field where viewers interact with the work through a combination of actual and virtual activity. The objects are made of paper, glue, and electronics. Reflecting the growth cycles of a physical wheat field, the installation progresses through different states occurring through continued interaction by the viewer for the duration of the exhibition.

Cory Schewaga was born in Saskatoon. As a youngster, he moved with his family to a farm just west of the city. In his art, he is inspired by the culture and heritage of rural life on the Prairies.

Mentor Bruce Montcombroux was born in Oxford, England, and immigrated to Canada with his nomadic parents when he was young. During his childhood, he lived in many places across the country and in the Arctic. He also spent countless summers in a tent-trailer at various national parks. Montcombroux recently taught at the Alberta College of Art and Design and now makes his home in Saskatoon, where he teaches at the University of Saskatchewan.