Board of Trustees

The Mendel Art Gallery Board of Trustees is composed of 15 members. Thirteen trustees are appointed by Saskatoon City Council, and two trustees are elected by the membership of the Mendel Art Gallery. In addition, Eva Mendel Miller serves as Honourary Chair.

Alain Gaucher, Q.C., Chair & President of the Board, Chair, Executive Committee
Darrell Bell, Chair, Fundraising Oversight Committee
Cheryl Carver
Councillor Charlie Clark
Danielle Favreau
Lynda Haverstock
Jack Hillson
Ineke Knight
Keitha McClocklin, Treasurer, Chair, Audit & Finance Committee
Councillor Tiffany Paulsen, Q.C.
Ken Smith, Vice-Chair, Chair, Governance Committee
Alexander Sokalski, Chair, Collections Committee
Peter Stoicheff
Michelle Wildeman, Secretary

Honourary Chair
Eva Mendel Miller